We provide legal representation in all facets of construction.

We advise and represent owners, contractors, architects, designers, engineers, suppliers, and consultants in both private and public construction projects.  Our team has long-standing and comprehensive background in construction.


Areas of Construction Law Expertise

Representative Work

  • Negotiated and drafted a supply contract for a commercial window installer to use with its suppliers
  • Prevailed in an arbitration on behalf of a subcontractor in a dispute involving the general contractor’s refusal to pay under a “pay if paid by the owner” contractual clause
  • Recovered full balance owed to a drilling contractor on federal job in a lawsuit under the Miller Act
  • Successfully defended a contractor in claim by the NLRB of unfair labor practices
  • Obtained a judgment in excess of $1 million on a general contractor’s lien on a private project that was upheld on appeal and fully paid
  • Successfully represented a homeowner in lawsuit to recover from contractor/its insurer for construction defects
  • Advised and responded on behalf of a public owner to a contractor bid protest, resulting in the owner’s bid award remaining intact
  • Successfully represented a general contractor in a lawsuit with its subcontractor for construction defects and delays, related the construction of a cold-storage facility
  • Recovered full balance owed to concrete supplier on a state job in a lawsuit to foreclose on payment bond
  • Negotiated and drafted a pre-hire agreement on behalf of subcontractor under 29 U.S.C. § 158(f) to facilitate a productive and working relationship with the Union
  • Successfully represented a commercial owner in lawsuit against the general contractor to recover damages for the contractor’s breach of contract and fraud related to nonpayment of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Defended former commercial property owner in a Model Toxic Control Act lawsuit in excess of $1 million in damages arising from a tenant’s dry-cleaning business contamination
  • Secured over $2 million in insurance coverage on behalf of a general contractor under its commercial general liability policy and its subcontractors’ policies for alleged construction defects on a high-end residence
  • Successfully handled numerous materialman’s lien foreclosure lawsuits on private jobs resulting in payment on behalf of our contractor and supplier clients
  • Successfully defended a public owner against claims by its general contractor for extra sums to be paid because of alleged changed conditions
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