We feel that practical, meaningful, and enforceable agreements in the development, design, and construction process are important to the success of a project.

Although many parties don’t carefully read or understand all the terms of written construction agreements, it is critical to reduce the parties’ expectations to writing before and during a project.  Material terms of construction agreements include: allocating risks, defining the scope, verifying appropriate insurance is in place, and addressing a project’s unique needs.  Agreeing on such terms helps parties tackle and hopefully avoid the “what ifs.”  And if a “what if” happens, then the agreement can be a roadmap for the resolution.

Our team uses our extensive experience to negotiate, draft, revise, and review construction related agreements ranging from architect and professional services, commercial construction, complex high end residential construction, to simple remodels.  Our wholistic approach brings common sense and practical background to help navigate a particularly complex industry and evolving regulatory standards.

Representative Work

  • Drafted and maintained subcontract and vendor contracts for general contractors
  • Drafted limited warranties for residential homebuilder
  • Reviewed and negotiated medical office building architect and construction contracts for medical office developer
  • Drafted a supply contract for a commercial window installer to use with its suppliers
  • Drafted fixed time and materials stabilization contract and fixed bid reconstruction contract forms for damage restoration contractor to use with residential customers

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