A rapidly changing industry

The health care industry accounts for more than $3.5 trillion of the US economy and it is changing at a rapid pace.

The consumer is playing a larger role, demanding transparency and predictability in pricing, convenience, access, privacy, and personalization. Major payers are pushing value-based payment models focused on improving outcomes, coordinating care, and cutting waste rather than just increasing volume. Providers have gotten larger through consolidation, and commercial health plans, suppliers, and others have worked to vertically integrate by, for example, acquiring provider networks. Non-traditional players have been playing a larger role, whether in the form of technology startups offering innovative telehealth services or private equity firms driving consolidation and integration in overlooked segments.

Throughout these changes, Montgomery Purdue has been a respected mainstay of the Pacific Northwest health care community.

We combine our deep knowledge of health care regulation with our established practices in corporate, employment, real estate, and litigation to provide high quality legal services to our clients.

Our clients

Physician Organizations

Ranging from solo practitioners to hundreds of physicians

Hospitals & Health Systems

Dental Practices

Health Care Employers

Freestanding Treatment Facilities

(Diagnostic Radiology; Ambulatory Surgery; Radiation Oncology)

Retail, Specialty, and Mail Order Pharmacies

Behavioral Health Facilities and Programs

Medical & Dental Practice Management

Individual Health Care Providers

Including physicians, dentists, and advanced practice providers

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