Some projects inevitably result in disputes.

The construction litigation attorneys at Montgomery Purdue are broadly experienced in the many forms modern construction disputes take and the various forums in which they are resolved.

Construction Litigation

We litigate construction cases all over Washington in Superior Court, which has exclusive jurisdiction over some of the real property and lien issues that arise in construction disputes, and in federal court where appropriate.  Our construction litigation attorneys are also well-versed in all levels of appeals, both in state and federal court.

Construction Mediation and Arbitration

Many construction disputes involve contract issues, and many construction contracts require the parties to use mediation and/or arbitration instead of filing lawsuits.  When suitable or required, our litigators also routinely handle construction disputes through arbitration, both using Washington’s Mandatory Arbitration Program for smaller claims and through more formal arbitration processes, like the American Arbitration Association or Judicial Dispute Resolution.

Our Work and Expertise Speaks for Itself

  • Represented general contractor in seven-figure dispute between general contractor and owner concerning change orders and construction timeline and obtained favorable settlement at mediation, avoiding a costly lawsuit
  • Represented general contractor in dispute with subcontractor over quality of concrete work performed on high-end custom home and obtained favorable settlement following multiple days of mediation
  • Obtained favorable settlement in favor of owner of multifamily apartment complex after terminating general contractor for defective work
  • Represented owner in suit against general contractor and roofing subcontractor for construction defects and reached global settlement with favorable result for owner
  • Favorably settled claims against general contractor by electrical subcontractor on public works project
  • Favorably settled class action prevailing wage claim brought by employees against general contractor
  • Represented heavy machinery contractor in dispute with general contractor over delays in completion and cost overruns on substantial marine infrastructure project and obtained substantial recovery and attorney fees following arbitration trial
  • Represented general contractor in defense of construction lien lawsuit filed by flooring subcontractor and obtained summary dismissal of lien and an award of attorney fees against the subcontractor

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