Stephanie's practice focuses on advising clients on transactional business and real estate law, including commercial leasing; boundary, title and real estate rights analysis; title insurance; buying and selling property; construction; general contract drafting and negotiation; regulatory compliance; entity formation and structuring; business planning; and governance advice. Additionally, Stephanie enjoys advising clients on a wide range of environmental matters and preparing, negotiating and analyzing related agreements.
When did you start practicing law as a licensed attorney?
I began my practice in October 2018, after graduating from law school.
What drew you to the idea of practicing law?
Growing up in a household with parents who owned a small business, I valued the success of small and mid-sized businesses to a growing economy. I was drawn to the practice of law because as an attorney with clients operating in many markets, I have the opportunity to work with a wide array of businesses and land owners every day and assist them in building and protecting their efforts.
Is it more important to maximize revenue or minimize risk?
Minimizing risk is more important than maximizing profit because minimizing risk is more likely to lead to consistent sustained growth and long term stability. Successful business owners value consistency, longevity and quality, and understand that these principles are vital to the long-term success of their business, even at the expense of greater short-term revenue. As an attorney, I strive to assist my clients with finding the ideal balance for their business interests.
Can you name any skills or personality traits that you think are needed in your kind of practice that might differ from other practices?
I think it is especially important for transactional attorneys to be detail-oriented and thorough, skills often neglected in a fast-paced legal industry and business in general. Additionally, it is important for transactional attorneys to think outside-the-box in order to offer creative solutions when faced with complex issues. Whether it is drafting a tailored lease agreement, advising clients on how to structure their new business, or determining whose neighbor's responsibility it is to maintain a boundary tree, I pride myself on providing these values to my clients.