Nate serves as a trusted advisor and legal counsel to closely-held businesses, entrepreneurs, private investors, fiduciaries, and business owners. He emphasizes being a responsive problem-solver and deal maker with a positive, professional attitude. His broad experience representing emerging and established companies from formation through exit helps him deliver timely, actionable, and practical legal advice to his clients.
Nate counsels clients on all manner of business transactions, including sales of businesses through merger, stock sales and asset sales, other strategic business relationships. His clients view him as part of their team. He has broad experience negotiating important employment, vendor, and service contracts with customers and strategic partners.
Nate also helps his clients buy, sell, finance, operate, and lease real estate, having completed hundreds of millions of dollars of sale and leasing transactions over the past decade. Nate also serves as outside counsel to several significant low income housing tax credit property owners and regularly assists them with the variety of compliance issues that arise in this unique class of real estate.
Nate assists his individual clients with the purchase, leasing, ownership, and sale of high-value personal assets, including real estate, yachts, aircraft, and helicopters. He assists clients with purchase and sale of limited liability company (LLC) interests in connection with yacht transactions.
What drew you to the idea of practicing law?
The opportunity to have intellectually stimulating work everyday of my career working alongside talented colleagues and clients. This has proven to be the case.
What do you like about your work?
I have had the privilege of representing clients across an array of industries, including real estate, health care, insurance, manufacturing, and housing. In each case, I enjoy learning about my clients' businesses and partnering with them to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives.
Is it more important to maximize revenue or minimize risk?
How I approach these concepts varies depending on my client's unique values and objectives. As an advisor, my job is to concisely explain the client's options, advise of the relative risks among options, and provide a practical recommendation informed by my knowledge of the clients' values and objectives. I enjoy the opportunity to find creative strategies. My clients will rarely ever receive, however, a recommendation of the "safest approach," which is usually obvious or impractical advice for a client that needs to operate business or property in the real world. As Bob Dylan notes, "you don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows."
Can you name any skills or personality traits that you think are needed in your kind of practice that might differ from other practices?
I approach my practice from the perspective of a business owner. I think about what I expect in terms of timeliness, communication, cost effectiveness, and quality, and strive to deliver the same to my clients. Having practiced for a decade, I have the requisite skills, but it is the client focus that differentiates me. Clients benefit from my positive and professional working relationships with counsel and other parties involved with their transaction, and my persistent efforts to find a workable solution.