Kaylee Cox is a general civil litigation attorney who graduated with high honors from the University of Washington School of Law. After law school, she served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for three years, taking multiple criminal cases to jury trial. Her work involved reviewing and filing complex criminal cases, negotiating just resolutions, and arguing countless motions in court.
When did you start practicing law as a licensed attorney?
August of 2020. Prior to licensing, I served as a Tribal Spokesperson for the Tulalip Tribal Court from 2018-2019, and worked as a Rule 9 for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office from 2019-2020.
What do you like about your work?
Litigation allows you to advocate through the art of storytelling. I enjoy digging into the facts and issues a case presents and crafting the best overall story to present to the court.
Who is the smartest person you know personally? Why?
My father. He is an incredible businessman, having grown his company from a tiny operation to working with international clientele. His knowledge is multifaceted, spanning from classic literature to how to make the best eggs benedict. Best of all, he is constantly seeking out new information, and his inquisitiveness inspires me to never stop learning.
Who is your favorite lawyer? fictional or non-fictional
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her dissents are iconic, and her advocacy before taking the bench paved the way for women in the legal field and beyond. RBG fully understood her opposition's arguments, and used those arguments to make incredible change.