Joe is a client-focused business litigation attorney. When business owners are in tough situations Joe excels at helping them achieve an outcome they can live with. Helping businesses overcome conflict is Joe's top priority.
In five sentences or less, will you explain something to me that is complicated, but you know well?
I understand how the law affects you and your business as well as how business disputes reach settlement. Most business disputes are eventually settled by parties outside of the courtroom. The question really is not whether the case will settle, but how long it will take, and how much money will be spent. I work within your budget to tailor a strategy that reaches optimal results.
Will you take cases to trial?
Trial is the most costly venue for the resolution of a business dispute. In the rare occasion a case is brought before a judge or a jury, I have the experience to prepare, present, and advocate for my clients in a courtroom. Even in this instance, my priorities are focused on timely and cost-effective representation.
What drives you professionally?
I love to help people solve problems. The great part about my practice is that every case has a different set of challenges. It never gets repetitive or boring.
What skills or personality traits are needed in your kind of practice that might differ from other practices?
Disputes can get very heated and its easy to make decisions driven by emotion. I'm very even tempered by nature. I don't let the noise from the opponent distract me.