Colleen Penny is a commercial and general civil litigator, representing individuals and business in a wide range of areas including business transactions, estates, property, and landlord-tenant disputes.
When did you start practicing law as a licensed attorney?
I became licensed in Washington in 2020, after graduating from Gonzaga University School of Law.
What drew you to the idea of practicing law?
My interest in law stems from an interest in problem solving. The law is one big puzzle, and you have to figure out which pieces you need to fit together for the best solution for your client. In undergrad I studied economics and history, and I regularly get to incorporate those interests into my practice.
What do you like about your work?
I enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems for clients, and collaborating with my coworkers on a daily basis.
Who is the smartest person you know personally? Why?
My Grandfather, Wade Penny. He is no longer around, but he was incredibly wise and an attorney as well. He took a case, Klopfer v. North Carolina, all the way to the United States Supreme Court and won. Thanks to him, speedy trial rights apply to trial state courts. Regardless of his accomplishments, he was happiest spending time outside on his tractor or reading a good book.
What skills and experiences have you acquired that make you comfortable and qualified in your practice?
Before starting at Montgomery Purdue, I was an attorney at the Seattle City Attorney's Office in their Domestic Violence Unit. Through this experience, I learned how people tend to respond to personal, emotional conflicts and trauma which can be present even in civil litigation matters. I believe this gives me a unique perspective with cases and additional skills to resolve disputes that have an added emotional element.