Summer and Entry-Level Associates

Associates can expect to take on meaningful and responsible work, interacting directly with clients, from the day they begin practicing law with our firm.

Meaningful Experience

All associates (summer and entry-level) are assigned challenging legal projects. Associates who are interested in litigation can expect to acquire some trial or other courtroom experience very early in their careers here. Associates interested in transactional work can expect to engage in complex drafting projects immediately. All associates can expect to have direct interaction with clients early in their careers too, which may include attending mediations and depositions, engaging in client meetings, and communicating directly with clients.

Summer Associate Program

Most of our new associate hires come from our summer associate program. Our summer associate program provides an opportunity to work with several different attorneys and clients, take on a variety of projects, and immerse in the culture of our firm through social events and our associate mentor program. The program is designed to give summer associates a realistic picture of what life as an entry level associate is like.

Professional Development

To foster professional development, each entry-level associate has a team of three mentors, and we give formal performance reviews at least twice annually. Summer associates are assigned one-two associate mentors to guide them through their summer experience.  Summer associates also receive a mid-summer performance review. We have a strong interest in all our associates’ success at the firm. Ideally, each associate we hire will eventually become a member of the firm.

Firm Culture and Open Door Policy

We value a work atmosphere that is supportive and promotes the highest level of legal service for our clients. We have an open-door policy encouraging associates to take advantage of the wealth of experience present in the firm and collaborate with others. Our associates are encouraged to seek feedback, guidance, and support from all members of the firm. With a reasonable billable hour requirement, we encourage all associates to maintain a healthy balanced life. We also provide associates with a significant degree of independence to create a unique practice tailored to their strengths and areas of interest.

We have a strong interest in having our associates succeed with the firm. Ideally, each associate we hire will eventually become a member of the firm.

Should You Apply?

Summer associates and entry-level associates with the following traits are most likely to succeed here:

  • Strong writing, research, and legal analysis skills
  • Academic excellence
  • A self-starter mindset
  • Robust interpersonal and communication skills
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