Louiza Dudin is a commercial and general civil litigator. Ms. Dudin represents individuals and businesses in a wide variety of matters, including property, contract and construction disputes, and trust and estate litigation
What drew you to the idea of practicing law?
I became a lawyer after having worked in scientific research and biotech, where I realized the importance of law in helping businesses and inventors advance and profit from their work. I wanted a stimulating and challenging career where I could help solve problems for individuals and businesses.
What do you like about your work?
Civil litigation is a fast-paced environment that provides the opportunity to work on a wide variety of matters from construction to trust and estate issues. I have the privilege of helping our clients navigate complex legal issues that are intellectually stimulating and challenging. Most importantly, I find it rewarding that I am able to lift a burden from our clients' shoulders and help resolve issues on their behalf.
In five sentences or less, can you explain something to me that is complicated, but you know well?
The vast majority of lawsuits settle without a trial. This is because more often than not, lawsuits are filed to either get a response from the defending party or to get a better response from the defending party. Ultimately, litigation boils down to a negotiation between parties and lawyers are there to facilitate the process.
Who is the smartest person you know personally? Why?
My grandpa. Although he is not with us anymore, he always just knew everything. If we went for a hike, he would know which plants could be used for food and which could not. He could hand-weave decorative baskets, built a well for water, and built my grandparents' home himself. He also survived working in coal mines and being a soldier in a world war. On top of that, he could beat anyone at a board game of their choosing. He was and still is my hero.
What drives you professionally?
I want to provide the best possible work for the best possible results to my clients. Each client comes to us with a different set of concerns and matters to be addressed, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to work together with our clients to find the best solutions.